Contact Shadows culling when behind objects

There is something weird happening with EEVEE, regarding contact shadows… Take a look…

I have a cube in an animation in front of the fridge…

When it starts “covering” the fridge handle… The contact shadow disappears…

That’s something that make animations look glitchy.

What’s a possible solution?

Without contact shadows some things look really weird.

IIRC it’s because the contact shadows are screen-space calculated, so in essence the engine can’t know what’s behind another object. Same goes for AO. (someone correct me if I’m wrong…)

I was also quite bummed to learn about this limitation, as it makes many animations really twitchy to look at. There is the “overscan” -option in the film settings, which helps with the borders of the image, but the problem remains in these other cases.

I’d be very interested to know any other methods to achieve global AO without this limitation, but I’m not sure if it’s possible yet :slight_smile:

The solution would be to render in layers with the cube being on a separate layer. This way the fridge would be visible to camera.