Contact shadows Incomplete display in the lens

(Wienrrafht) #1

I am testing eevee of 2.8, everything is fine, but I found that the Contact shadows will not be displayed outside the lens. Is there any way to improve this problem?
About two seconds in the film

Thank you for your help.

(yogyog) #2

As a simple workaround, you could render slightly larger than you need, with a slightly wider lens, then crop. It’s not a solution, but it’s a quick workaround.

(BlackRainbow) #3

Actually it’s a good solution, considering speed of eevee render. Multiply Camera sensor width and final image resolution percentage to a same amount and crop later. Should work

(Wienrrafht) #4

Thanks, this is also the solution I am thinking of. hope update version, can increase the range of camera contact shadow , mapping range can be adjusted.