Container Ship

Nothing special, I plan to put it into a animation eventually :stuck_out_tongue:

The containers are not 100% realistic, I needed to save some polys.

Probably about 30% done, so far.

very good! you need some derrricks now, and of course containers.

Probably just me, but I havent seen many large container ships with derricks… :\

Update: Early material test

The materials all need to be grayer, we’re talking wear and tear, here.

I think he meant in the background :smiley:

Good so far, but you plan to put it into animation? Well, it sure looks like you’re using indigo… so good luck with the animation:D . Nice job though, I think good textures will really make this model.

Well, I didn’t think I had made it detailed enough, so I am redoing it.

Here is the new hull.