contantly changing images on an object

I want the pictures on an RV to keep changing.
one pic wait 5 secs then next pic.
should i stack planes on the screen, one behind the other and keep making them gradually clear?
or how do i use the I layer option?
thanks all


An animated texture perhaps?

as long as it does not use UV i am interested!
I did that project again from new - UV just don’t work!
suggestions on how to do an animated texture would be a help

Could i project a movie onto the RV shape?
it is a model
a bit like and old time movie screen
using ver 2.48

Yeah, you could project a movie onto the RV shape, you just have to change some settings in the texture panel… you should be able to figure it out. Did you actually model an RV or is it just a plane with an image of an RV?

it is a model i am nearly finished.
adjusted a free model to suit

If you are totally against UV mapping, I would say for this project to take a plane and get it as close to the side of the RV as possible, make it non-traceable (in the material settings, turn off the traceable button), then just add your movie texture and map it to the plane using ORCO, and FLAT (default settings).

BTW, I’m at work right now on my iPhone, I’ll take a look at the blend file in the other thread when I get home.

this is the RV so far


I don’t know how great UV texturing is for movie textures anyways, have you tried the plane idea?

i will try later using the editing part where you select and assign verts.