Contemplation revisited

(rivenwanderer) #1

Contemplation Panorama {you need quicktime 5 to see it}

I made this little world a while ago; if you want to see some still images you can look in my earliest gallery. I thought I’d have some more fun with GoCubic and settled on using this place… I had to do some reworking of textures and models and stuff in the process.

(shockreflex) #2

very cool … i also like your style and the stuff ya got in your gallery

(SKPjason) #3

Wow. Wowwie. Wowser!!!

That was just the most incredible panarama pic I’ve ever seen.

A while back on blender boards I had seen some things you did… BUT THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING PIECE OF ART!!!

And it seems so real… Oddly, I was listening to the score to Lord of the Rings when I saw this… and what a perfect fit.


(S68) #4


Impressive, can I ask you how do yo do the Quicktime panorama thing from Blender images? What about a TUT?