contemporary furniture collection Bizla

well im back again with another thread, this will get updated everyday untill i have modelled every bit of furniture ever made :wink:

anyone who has been following my cycles thread will know that my beastly Rig got frazzled in a power surge, so im sticking to less intensive modells for my mid range computer and ill save all the huge models till i get my workstation back from the tech monkeys.

starting off, a collection of furniture i have modelled over the past week (you will find the real life versions of these by typing in ‘modern furniture’ into google images)

and more…

Awesome models. I especially love the lamp scene, both the models and scene composition are very cool.

Looking good. Sux on the power-surge.

for what it’s worth, I think this stuff is more ‘contemporary’ and less ‘modern’. Ironically, modern furniture actually dates back to the 50s-70s.

thanks for all the great comments guys :slight_smile:
@derek, i remember seeing your thread, it was really impressive, would be awesome to see them all redone in cycles :slight_smile: oh that sucks, at least the psu’s dont cost too much to replace :slight_smile: the power surge got my PSU (£160) and my CPU (£200) :frowning: but luckily for me my warranty is paying for those to be replaced :slight_smile:

@Ben, thanks alot dude, its great to hear feedback that good xD

@Writer block, thanks man, yeah it does but at least i have a backup computer :slight_smile:

@kemmler, that interesting, i think i’ll change the name of this thread to contempory furniture then, cheers :slight_smile:

right ive spent the morning getting linux installed on this computer (i cant put up with windows render times anymore lol)

but here are some renders i did yesterday anyway :slight_smile:

well i saw this bed and had to model it, took a long time as you can see the quilt and pillows are sculpted alot to give them a realistic as possible look :slight_smile:

added some drawers and increased the dof

Great thread, lots of good stuff here. I particularly like the lamp and the last sofa in the previous post! How much do the rendertimes differ on Linux compared ti windows?

Great work bizla :RocknRoll:
love the sectional couches above, would live well in my living room :slight_smile:
Looking forward to more :cool:


@eldar, thanks alot man :slight_smile: they are my 2 favorites aswell actually lol :slight_smile:
quite a bit actually, tough to say since every one i do takes a different amount of time to render, but i once did a direct comparison of the same model on the same computer and on windows it was about 3 minutes and linux about 2:30 which is about 16% faster, and when it comes to big render [i.e over 30 mintues) then that can make quite a big difference :smiley: btw mac is also as fast as linux, its just windows that its slow on.

@tung, cheers dude xD great to hear im getting some good feedback on these :smiley:
I do have 1 in my living room actually, the black one on post #8 second picture down… its not curved like that one though so im jealous lol
got another rendering atm, could take a while though as there alot of reflections :L

Sounds like there is time to save if I was to switch :slight_smile: I’ve actually wanted to convert for quite some time, I assume Cycles + gpu is working on Linux?

i cant test it atm unfortunately because both my workstation and gaming pc are AMD powered, but cycles and blender fully support linux (its open source just like them) i would recommend getting it, ubuntu 11.10 is what i use on both computers, my gaming one has gnome (default desktop) its clean and easy to manage all emails office work and browing etc, on the other computer i have installed KDE which is perfect for work because its very fast and well laid out (plus super easy to install)

latest model is here too :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info, I’ll have a look at it. I’ve tried Ubuntu once before but I remember that I struggled with the most basic things. But that was a couple of years ago, surley things must have changed. But as many other things it’s a question of habit, I don’t use Windows because it’s the best OS out there, I use it because i’m used to it!

i know exactly what you mean, i tried ubuntu a couple of years ago and absolutely hated it, but since then (that was version 9 i think) it has had some major overhauls and its now the only operating system i recommend to people who do alot of computer work, although i am a fan of windows, i have win 7 on both my computers (dual boot with linux) but now that i have got used to how linux does things i hate the fact the i have to go into windows to play my games lol.

getting a couple more done today, heres the first (only took about an hour)

and a couple more here :slight_smile:

i wasnt happy with how this sofa turned out so i decided to model a shelfing unit, came out perfect if i do say so myself :wink:

pretty nice rendering with cycles
a little bit better then normal blender !LOL

what are you going to do with all these?

happy cycles

i have come round to really like cycles now, and now when i look at my latest one vs BI renders the difference is huge, these look so realistic in comparrison.

these are all going up for sale, aswell as going in a house in going to design (a highly detailed house lol)
they will also be ready to use as props for when i start learning unity :slight_smile:

sorry i forgot

what you do with this unity thing

you’ll get a nice lib of furnitures
but unusable in middle ages !LOL

happy cycles