Contemporary Gods, Visit at Mr.Gucci , Bugs, Column

This is several projects I did during this year, and didn’t make myself time to upload them properly and present them here.
Now I made a new website which is I hope more well-arranged and has some comments too. On the new site is still a lot projects missing, but I did a blender section specially for blender geeks;) and a script section where I will put also my older scripts/patches together with those which area allready there.
Although there are no pretty renders, I hope somebody here will appreciate this work which is from area of fine art.

Contemporary Gods - the last project, You might have seen allready some of the material around in the development area ;).

Visit at Mr. Gucci - an exhibition with use of blender game engine for virtual reality part. I recieved the rector’s prize for this project.

Bugs - bge again, although it looks totally 2d.

Column - here blender was used to project correctly flash animations on real space, rendered.

Very cool. Could you tell me a bit about your production techniques - what materials did you use and the how big? Did you machine the whole thing as a single piece or separately and bound together?

I imagine it would have taken quite a bit of time to do a 3d operation like that, did you farm out the machining to a shop or did you do it yourself?

also, thanks for the bas relief script! It’s really useful for cutting out 3d reliefs from existing scenes.

Jack000 - if u mean for the reliefs, The reliefs are quite little, 75 cm is their longer side, I had pieces of wood which were always 80xY(different). The wood was paulonia, which is a chinese wood, and I actually bought these very cheap(for 8 E the biggest one) in a building store. I milled on Precise 1000U in our school for free with different settings. times were 5-20 hours per piece. The last one isn’t finished, since the machine broke :(. Now I am out of school and lookining for possibilities to do milling(if anybody is from czech republic or near with this possibility and wanna do it for cheap for me, contact me :wink: ) What I have to say, it was a mistake to use this type of wood, it’s too soft and also not so well dried - the results were all quite ‘hairy’ and I had to work on them a lot manually. So next time - bigger, better wood, and I need to make money to do it.

I also want to ask the people, if everything is working right on my new website, like video playback,navigation…