Contemporary house

Hello, Blenderartists!

This is my first post here, though I follow the Forum since some weeks.
I would appreciate some constructive critics about this image (CG stuff and also architecture tips). It´s a personal project aiming to create a Portfolio.

Thank you!

Nice render. It is odd, though, that the one place where a person might need to be sheltered from the weather, the entryway, has a large opening in the overhead. There also might be a bit of pavement under the loft so someone could walk from the carport to the front door while staying under cover. The large cutout in the wall opposite the car would probably not be allowed under any building codes I am aware of: not earthquake proof. Put a few support columns in there.

it is possible to build an structure like this, the wall above the cutout has enough construction height to support it even considering earthquakes etc. (it would be a bit costly however)
the open skylight above the door also is possible, another option to work the would be to cover it with glass, which would affect the look of the image, perhaps make more realistic as concession to climate.

I think the camera could be placed a bit higher, but on the other hand this kind of luxury house sometimes have more dramatic angles like this. considering the amount of light available and the wide angle I would skip all depth of field effects. the grass patch should align with the plate pattern.

a bit more vegetation or something between the building and the background image would probably also help giving the image a bit more depth.

I think the concrete texture could do with a bit work, especially the wall ends look a bit strange. in the cutouts the texture looks compressed.
the wooden formwork imprint in the concrete on the second story is smaller than the main structure, is is an effect I would skip considering that you already use more materials than only concrete. for this style of architecture keep the variation of the material minimal.

also a light inside the building would be nice. and bit more detail at the entrance.

sorry for a slightly rambling post.

good effort! you are well on your way!

Thank you for your feedback, Orinoco. Your topic about opening on the entryway is definetly consistent! Thank you for your advice. There is a pavement connecting the carport to the entrance, but it is under the vegetation. The horizontal cutout is structurally possible using an inverted beam, as Linusy commented… expensive, but possible. But your topic about the earthquakes might be right for some regions of the world.
Linusy, thanks for your comment! A glass covering the rip is an option, at first I thought this also… maybe I use it. But I think the concept would be lost with this solution. The camera position is really unusual, but this was purposeful to evidence the lines of the house, as you commented. Your opinion about the DOF, the grass and the concrete texture are right… I will change it, thanks! The light inside the house is the next step, I was just anxious to post the image and read some critics!