contemporary living room

2800 samples= 45-60 min on single GTX 1080
some textures from poliigon and plants from lechu.

Just ask if you have any question. :slight_smile:


I like the blue wall texture. It reads very well.

Is it a nuclear explosion in the street?

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It is ok, but a lot space for improvements.
Keep it up.

thank you

maybe :smiley:

yeah thanks, you are right
i have many things to work on

A nuclear explosion? If you mean the overexposed curtain, it actually looks more realistic that way. And can you post your settings.

nice work, did you model all of the items?

That’s really nice. I like the materials, furniture and the light. And I do like that the light is realistic and the curtain is overexposed - that’s how it looks in photographs. There can easily be 500 times more light outside than inside with no nuclear explosions. I know it’s common to photoshop the details back in, but I always like it better this way in photos and CG. It looks more natural to me. I think the blanket is floating in the air a bit. Surface offset in cloth simulation perhaps. I love the texture on the chair. The furniture is sculpted, not simulated in MD, right?

Great renders but I would say the close up of the couch is the strongest render, please share you lighting setup.

Beautiful rendering. The bright curtain doesn’t bother me for some reason. It sort of reminds me of some days where I woke up in the morning only to see snow covered everywhere with a bright sun shining. Almost got my eyes blind for good! :smiley: The textures, especially the blue wall, are breathtaking!

i dont know what settings u want so:

the plants and some books are from chocofur, the other stuff is all modeld by me

you are right with the blanket ^^
i dont have md, the grey/blue pillows are simulated and sculpted in blender ,
on the chair it is just a normal map and the sofa has modeld folds:

thanks, u can find the setup above

thank you :slight_smile:

interesting light-setup

What do you mean? :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your render settings! I am wondering if the 2800 samples are the minimum number to get an image without artefacts in combination with denoising. Did you try to use lower numbers of samples? Otherwise very well done, maybe the pot of the tall plant to the right of the tv should be larger, but that’s just a small detail.

2800 was the best compromise between rendering time and denoise artifacts (splodges on blue wall)