Contemporary style

My latest work.

Houses made by attaching several different parts such as walls, roofs, and windows to speed up the process.

Trees made by modeling a few main branches, then made bundles of leaves and put them together.

Sorry, but I don’t think i’d be able to use static particle grass because if I needed a nice thick layer in both the main view and the reflections poly count would shoot through the roof and my computer would probably not have enough memory.

The leaves of the tree are huge in comparison to the buildings…

What LotRJ said. Tree and leaves should be smaller, and the leaves should be closer together so they don’t look as if they’re floating. And I think the doors and windows (at least the ground level ones) should be less reflective.

Indeed, the scale is way off with the tree. Also, the glass is way too reflective. There is nor transparency to it at all. Your edges are all way too hard. Bevel them and smooth everything. Will look much better.


your proportions are way off for regular humans. to comfortably enter those doors, wed have to be fat dwarves. also itd be cool to be able to see inside.
all in all, its pretty good.