content manager.

how can i manage contents (mesh, textures ecc.) of a project?
as I need to delete some textures…

with the mouse over a window


select the mesh data or texture or whaterever - press F (a F should appear next to the object)
then the data select button

now when you save and reload - that data will not be saved

make sense?

it might take a few tries to figure out exactly how it works
but you’ll get the hang of it

thanks but it does not work.

Isn’t pressing F to make a Fake User, which will indeed be saved in the blend file (that’s what there for)?

gridley: The Oultiner may also be of use to you:

hi, from there I can’t see the all the content.

press F again so there is a 0 next to it

(make sure it has no users)

Oh, I didn’t know that. :slight_smile:

Ok it’s working now…thanks!