Content/videos removed from the channel?

Would anyone know why @Goran Milovanovic removed his videos from the YouTube channel? I went looking for a tutorial on Grab System and It’s appearing like this:

@Goran has apparently decided that BGE is too embarrassing to still be supporting, so he’s hidden all his videos like old BGE supporter @JohnnyBlack [aka John_W who than moved on to Unity] did in the past.

Yeah, recently I searched for his BGE Networking tutorial and I saw lots of his videos missing, too bad there’s no videos left in his channel now.

BornCG still has 26 Beginner Videos online…for the old 2.7x versions…

just for those interested…

I removed the videos in an effort to lower my digital footprint, for reasons I can’t fully discuss.

I apologize to whoever was inconvenienced by this … To be honest, I didn’t expect that this community would still exist at this point, or that anyone would still care about the content in question.

PS: If there is any information on the internet that you find to be extremely useful, I would highly recommend archiving it to a reliable storage system that you directly own, and that you can effectively manage in the future.


upbge 0.3.0 uses eevee and is really nice - most of the old bge stuff applies except changes to python itself and some minor api changes.

(kx_meshProxy is replaced by a bpy object)

mesh =
vertex = mesh.vertices[0] += vertex.normal*.001


so everything you had learned in the past could be applicable now.

: C Damn, that sounds rough.

I’ve wondered over the years, what they must be up to now, the people on the net that taught me so much - but I never once imagined anything scary like that : /

If it is any consolation, as far as I am concerned your channel set the bar for programming tutorials, heck even teaching in general - and as such, I am glad and honoured, to have been in some small way a student of yours.

I’m taking your recommendation to heart, and will begin archiving some things immediately.

I’m not a religious man, but if there are any gods out there, I pray they grant you safety, good fortunes and much happiness.

I just want to leave my appreciation here as well.

@Goran - although we never have been in touch - your content was always setting high bars in terms of quality and presentation.

All the best