Contest Idea #2 (animation contest based on .gif files?)

Just wondering about having a contest set up not to test the modelling skill but instead the animating skill. Why not use simple .gif (or other animated format) for the blenderhead to try and animate in 3d.

example pictures would be things like …

some of the more complicated .gif for advanced blender user …

Please let me know if anybody needs some further explanation of what I am trying to say.

I didn’t see too many of an animation contest so that is why I’m bringing this up. Maybe this would be too difficult for a majority for the blenderhead here but at least we will have inspiration and the informational experiences from figuring out how the animations in these possible contest works. Maybe we should start with a relativity simple .gif picture first to gauge the animating skill of this community then continue to push the envelop from there.

:EDIT: you could make your own interperation of those gif as long as it is obviously related and animated.

you mean not using blender? just drawing in 2d? I’m game…

well as you can see, I mean that the contest would be based on animating with Blender3D itself. Just not as focused on modelling as on animating these models. I’ve noticed that for a number of people, animating is more difficult to pull off properly than modelling and figured that this might be a fun way of practicting animating their models.

And I don’t really support the drawn animation contest here that much since that would be basically a copy of the .gif itself rather than the more challenging reproduction of those .gif (or other non-3d animating format).

hope you understand what I mean.

That’s an animation contest, in which you can used previously modeled characters to animate with. Instead of starting a whole new contest, why not build off the one we already have?

well while this contest are supposed to help with animation, I just thought that it might be pretty interesting if we use a animated image as a basis of the topic. This way we can see what the differences of styles betweens artists based on a single picture instead of each having wayy too different models each artists to really compare styles. we have a few artists with a clearly defined or well known style (like sago’s) but I think that there may be a few artists here that could use this contest to exploit their own particular style of modelling and animation instead of having to worry about creating everything from scratch in their mind.