Contest on Digital Tutors

Hi Everybody,

Guess I would mention it here. I am a subscriber at digital tutors and I thought that I would mention the monthly contest happening there here at blenderartists forums. Its regarding designing a steampunk Hero/Villian.

I have participated in many contests on the website and you can use blender for the competitions. You might have to mention it to the moderators but they allow it. Just mention that you are using it when you start a project thread. Following is the link to the contest detail page.

Other than that I thought I will mention one more thing. I have started a thread there requesting Blender tutorials on the digital tutors. Its one of the most recognized online tutorial site on the web so introduction of blender will bring more quality tutorials for the wonderful software. I would really appreciate if you can mention your thoughts at the thread. The link is:

I am really sorry that I have included this with the contest but I didnt know where to post the other questions.