Contest Proposal

Last night I got this idea for a contest. I was thinking, a contest to get people to practice their texturing skills would be good.
The contest would go like this:
Each week (or number of days; a week may be too long) a base photo is provided. This photo should be un-modified, for example:

The object of the challenge would be to use this image to make the most interesting/useful texture you can. For example, you could crop this picture to be only bricks (kind of a no-brainer) and then add graffiti. Or maybe make the bricks multicloloured. Or shrink the image, tile it, and make a texture for a whole side of a building, windows and all.

Each entry would become a free resource for the community to use, so you can improve your skills and also help out other people.

The winner would provide the base image for the next week/round (in case a round is less than a week).

What do you think? Good idea? Would it be popular? How many days is a good length for the completion of one texture? Or should it be a week, with more than one base image?

Sounds intresting, I would be intrested in giving it a go.
A week might be good, so people can do it on the side in addition to other projects…(IMO anyways)
Yeah, but you would need to make sure that the pictures are free for commercial(or whatever) use, in the first place., And yeah next person with next image sounds good, if its the same free w/e.

Well, yes it is a good enough idea that I would try it, No I don’t think it would be popular at the begining but then if enough people where doing it intrest would grow,I think maybe a week with 1-3 images is the most I would do…

Sounds fun though, I can’t wait to see if this goes anywhere…

Edit: idea, You could solve Copyright issue by having the person take the picture them self…, maybe.


sounds kewl but as of now, i think there are already too many contests
i think that if people want to work on texturing, they could fit that into one of the other contests such as the WC, SMC’s, and occasional big contests like the BWC. I think that those who arent motivated to work on their texturing skills through one of those wouldn’t want to in any other type of contest
sorry if i seem a bit negative, but thats just my opinion :slight_smile:

Marslyr: Yeah, I kind of meant that the person should take the pic(s) themselves (the example I posted is mine). And if they can’t, one of the previous winners or a volunteer could provide one.

Thanks for your comments, I guess it’s a good sign that one person is already interested:)… but we’ll see.

Jeepster: I see what you’re saying, but I thought that it would be unique in that if 10 people participate, that’s 10 textures for people to use and 10 people that have gotten some practice/had fun… sort of a double whammy effect, and the other contests don’t really end up contributing resources to the community.

Should be interesting to see what the majority of people think about this…

Oh, Okay then
I agree, And maybe thats why you do it in a week,
So you spend a week on it, but it doesnt take much of your time for other contests etc.
instead of rushing to get it done
Well anyways I think its a grand idea xD


Yeah, so maybe it could just be one picture per week, because if you’re doing the WDC or the WC etc, you’ll probably only work on this on the side.

Should be interesting to see what the majority of people think about this…

It’s a good idea. This would be something I would participate in, on and off.

I’m hopeless at texturing so it would be a learning experience to see what other people do even if I wasn’t taking part

blenditall are you still considering doing this contest?
I’m still intrested!


Yeah, definitely still thinking it’s a good idea, just waiting for more people to see it…
No use starting a contest that nobody knows about yet:spin:.

Well, except one of the best ways to get people interested is just start it so they can see what fun it is :wink:

Either I wanna participate!


True that…
Now school’s started it’s a little busy, but I’ll write up some definite rules/length of contest sometime soon and maybe get one started.
Thanks to all who have already shown interest!

Sweet I can’t wait, but don’t let it affect your studies :wink:


Yeah, I’d be interested in participating once in awhile.

Good idea.

I’d participate…:smiley:

Looks like a good idea - I’d say the pics should all be Creative Commons Sample Plus Licenced. This means you can use them for anything you like, but you have to credit the guy(s) who made them.

I totally agree with you yogyog!
There should be somthing to the exetent that if you compete you agree to … that :wink:


Sorry for the input, but is it possible to provide some sort of object, and texture it based upon our own photographs that we take?

I think what you mean is the competition should provide models to texture, as well as a photo to edit into a texture… good idea - yeh. Does anyone know of a good model libruery?

Hmm…, well we could just use a sphere and Suzanne like the blender material library .


Hey guys, been very busy lately, but I now have the time to think about this again ;).

yogyog: Good idea.:yes:

alanier_01: That would cause the problem of needing access to a lot of free-to-use models. In this contest, if you were making a concrete texture, for example, you would aim for a sort of all-purpose but detailed look. So that it can be used and modified for anybody else’s object who choses to use it. Like this (from cgtextures):

It has a really unique look/colour scheme, but could be applied to many objects.

However, I don’t see anything wrong with posting a demonstration of your texture on suzanne or something… just as long as it can be used for other things. Because posting a concrete texture made specifically for suzanne isn’t going to help anbody who’s doing something other than suzanne.

Good to see there’s still interest.