Contest: Who Has The Best CAR?

hello, thank you for your intrest.

the goal of this contest is to create the best car model you can. I need off road and on road cars/trucks.

there are requirements to the model itself:

it must not have any " backrounds, ground, or anything supporting it. note: I need this model for unity, therefor, it must be just the car.

it has to be a stock car. ( No custom rims, tires, etc. )

what do you get:

the top 5 models will be featured in my game : crash and bash 2016.

if a lot of people post models, I will allow 10 winners.

yes, I will give proper credit. i’m not so cheap as to not give credit!

think you’re the best? than post your model here.

good luck!

This really isn’t appropriate for the Jobs forum.

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sorry, didn’t see that!

… you are?
Asking kids to join your ‘party’ van and not even offering a candy or an ice cream :ba:
Just go play with your hand or buy some.

do you just want to be rude, or can you say something that actualy matters? I wanted to learn blender, but don’t have the time to make something as on par as it needs to be for the game. so if you want to help me, go ahead. if you want to be rude, go away. it’s that simple.

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