Contest with Cash prize ? rules for posting ?

I wanna throw a little contest later with a $500 prize for a the best model of a subject I need built faster than I can learn to build .

What would be the rules to do this on Eylsiun ?

Heres what I think … cause no one here knows me really well , obviously some would be speculating that I wouldnt pay out the prize .

Is there someone at elysiun I could Pre pay the prize money to and have them ensure that the poster on this board recieves the money .

Also .
with contests there must be a winner … so I understand that even if I were to find not one of the entries to be acceptable for what I need … I will still pick one and pay a winner in the event that this happens ( which I doubt )

The Contest would be modeling a character which I have designed , but dont have the time or knowledge to model myself .

I can choose more than one entry . but will pay the creator of the entry even though it hasnt won , if I feel I would like to have it as well .

so what I mean is its not one of those scam contests where even though I choose one winner I have rights to all entries … I will pay anyone that I want to use their model .

How would something like this work ?
Any ideas …
and is $500 a large enough prize for a modeled character ?
I dont wanna insult anyone … but I do a bit of modeling and someone with knowledge could easily pull off my design in an afternoon …

Must me just modeled , no textures etc needed … I can do that to suit my own needs .

Sounds cool. I would do it just for fun, but I’m not very good at modeling characters :slight_smile:

I doubt that there are any real “rules” about having a contest like this. I would think that as long as the rules are clear (which they are), the rest is just trust that you are an upstanding person that will deliver on your end of the contest. Obviously if you give the moeny to a moderator first, that makes us all the more willing to trust you.

I think that this is great contest. Five hundred dollars is a nice chunk of change, so I think that you would get a very good turn out. I’ll keep monitoring this, and you’ll have my submission when and if you decide to do this,

cool 500 dollars sounds a lot to me
when will we see this charecter?

I’d love to participate, I can use a little extra cash floating around the place :slight_smile:

I plan on doing it between now and Xmas .

good to hear there is some people interested .
I’ll reveal the character at the time I lay out the cash so its fair for everyone …

whats a good amount of time lto allow for a character such as this

I don’t know about other people, but I’d say 3 weeks would be a good length of time. May seem a little long, but not many of us have to much time to blend.

A couple of questions;

What would be the rules about tools to use, such as Poser or MakeHuman? I usualy don’t use these tools, I was just wondering.

What kind of face count are you looking for? i.e. would it be something you’d use for still shots, an animation, or a game?

And, yes, I would be interested.

Another couple questions…do you want it rigged as well? or just modelled?

If you need it rigged, what amount of detail? (such as fingers, breathing, etc)

Also, will you need RVK’s for speech or facial expressions?

EDIT: Nevermind. Looks like your taking it on yourself (

Looks like your doing a good job of it. Good work.

Thats not his fakeplastic thats someone elses but he wants his model done with that much detail and skill.

argh…no time. Quite a pitty. 500$ for a non textured non uv mapped toon model is quite a good deal…and i suppose u wouldn’t have minded it be modelled in Wings and then imported in Blender.

Well, anyway, I’ve got no time…doing other projects…animation so time consuming…grunt.

hehe, these offers should happen more often…I couldmake a living of it… :wink:

Is this stilll going to happen? Or has it gone down the drain like so many other contests :frowning:

if you will still continue with this project I’ll sure sign in. I’m good in charactermodeling. If you got the concept pics and the money just pm me.

money first, then ill do it :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, if you notice that the link that I provided is a posting DONE BY MGK showing a character fitting his descrition above CREATED BY MGK shortly after posting this thread (14 days after). I was not refering to the link he provided [og]GrYpHoN

Thus I assume that he has taken it on himself. So, chances are this “contest” is dead.

$500, ok i’m up for it don’t know if mine will be up to it, but its worth a try :D.

Just wondering these are us $s, right?