ok im gonna make a street racing game heres my car so far. car physics are almost up.
and the texture i made for the side.

the car looks cool so far :slight_smile:

thanks j ill keep you specially up to date other msn :P.

more comments plz.
update :
i tried too get the flow of the flame right did i?

n two textures i made

n texture
c and c

ok new updates:

i used a differnt pose i got the two front wheels turned a bit up there if ucan see…can u? :stuck_out_tongue:
and the texture


coments are welcome u no.

You could improve your texturing drastically by using something other than MSPaint. Try the Gimp, it’ll be a revelation for you.

lol it said in the contest rules thingy texture dont need too be added but you could if u want. so i just done these any ways i like paint :P.

and a revelation how.

Because GIMP is a freeware app that is almost as good as Photoshop.


huh well im installing paint shop pro soon so ill use that one.

new update

and the texture i like this one it took me the longest.

c and c like always.

ps.the licens plate says BEAST. :stuck_out_tongue: 3 = e 5 = s

You should be greatfull that people are giving you hints, stuff…
You dont seem to show it.

you should have said I like paint shop pro better, but thanks annyway, or something like that… That makes people wanned to help you.

o ok sorry dude didnt mean too offend or anything . thanks for the tip then dude i did take it. i looked at the gimp homepage looks good but ill use that one later then sooner.thx j. erm im gonna get some updates on the city soon.

new update: