Continous Editing ! for blender 2.5

Hi , i have come up with an idea :

Continous editing :wink:

So it works like this , if you want to place an object to a certain way , you normally do this :

1- select the object
2- press g to grab and move to the desired location
3- press click to confirm you location
4- continue to rotate or scale it by pressing s or r

My idea :

1- select the object
2- press g to grab and move to the desired location
3- press r to continue to rotate or it
4- Press s to scale , g to move again and so on…

what you think ?

here a video explaining it :

I don’t like the holding the button part. Because 30% of the time I regret that I moved and press Esc and I get back to where I was. With your system I have to ctrl-z. I hardly ever use ctrl-z. :cool:

holding the button part ?

i never sais holding any button , i mean just press r to rotate or s to scale.

Can you set S, G, and R to left click before scaling moving or rotating with the fancy hotkey options we have now?

It’s a good idea, it would speed things up a little bit without changing any ones work flow much at all.

Sorry. I misunderstood you. It’s not a bad idea.

Yes, I think this is a good idea. The current behavior where the object returns to the original transformation if you initiate a second transformation is not only counter intuitive, it slows you down. The problem with the current system is that you have to keep confirming the translation before starting another. When tweaking items, doing many small precise movements, the extra confirmation steps really get in the way.

Ok, this feature doesn’t concern me much because i use the manipulator, however i know of a way to make it work just like in your video. What you need to do is open up the keymap editor and:

  1. In View3D (Global) set all the G/S/R operators to use Release instead of Press.
  2. Expand “Transform modal Map”.
  3. Disable the checkboxes (or delete) the G/S/R entries that use the “Translate/Rotate/Scale” operators.
  4. Add 3 more “Confirm” slots for G/S/R, to act on Press.

This way while you’re running modal (like while grabbing), pressing the R key for example, will confirm your grab, while letting go of it will make it go straight to Rotate mode. I’ve tested it here and it works.

Hmmm, I’d still like the ability to have the 2.49 style manipulator menu too…

It’s great that you can set the manipulator mode with a hotkey directly, but ctrl space just toggles manipulator on/off in 2.5 rather than offering the menu…

Nice idea from TweakingKnobs and nice solution from Pesho. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Thanks:) Another, faster way to configure it would be to skip steps 3 and 4, and just change the G/S/R hotkeys inside the modal map to “Confirm”.

@Michael W - You can always make your own menu with Python and map it to Ctrl+Space. It’s very simple to do. You can even add extra options for only two modes like “rotate+scale” etc. To do it you would need something like:

        item.translate = True
        item.rotate = True
        item.scale = True


        item=layout.operator("view3d.enable_manipulator",text="Scale and Rotate")
        item.translate = False
        item.rotate = True
        item.scale = True

I tried before but got context issues… but then I didn’t try it with the properties set like

     item=layout.operator("view3d.enable_manipulator",text="Scale and Rotate")
        item.translate = False
        item.rotate = True
        item.scale = True

will try again! thanks.

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It’s great that you can set the manipulator mode with a hotkey directly, but ctrl space just toggles manipulator on/off in 2.5 rather than offering the menu…

I made a thread about this a while back but only got one reply :frowning:
Pesho, what I came up with was similar to what you just posted, but I can’t figure it out entirely. Could you perhaps point me to a blender py tutorial or py documentation in human readable form? The blender py api docs makes no sense to me, probably because it isn’t finished yet but also because I’m a beginner at python scripting.

cool it seems that it might be a usefull feature with some tweaks.

@klesus - The Py documentation hasn’t been very helpful for me, ive used it mostly on cases where RNA is involved. What you have to look at is how the regular UI scripts are made and copy that (like in the .\blender\scripts\ui directory). You need the script to register a new menu and to use with a hotkey you need to assign the “wm.call_menu” operator to it in the keymap editor. Here is the source for my own context menu i use that pops up on RightClick. I’ve put the manipulator stuff there too from the example.

Thank you Pesho :slight_smile:
I hope I can finally get it to work with that template of your, cheers :wink:

I’m new to Blender and this forum and I need some info about a function I think related with this thread discussion.
I made the Grab function to get confirmed on release instead of left clicking which is great. I did this by going to Preferences -> Editing -> Transform: Release confirms. I like this functionality so much that I want to do the same for Scale, Rotate and Extrude. For example, I’m doing an extrude. I want to confirm the extrude when I release the E key instead of left clicking in the 3D viewport. Is this possible?


Any problem with snapping using this way? If you are pressing G and want to press CTRL to snap to a vertex, does it work?
Though, for me is not so good. I think working for hours this way get you tired, and could lead to errors.

I didn’t think about that, Lell, good point indeed. Anyways, I want to know if it is possible. I really want to try it out.

Release confirms is working with all transforms when using manipulator.
Holding R will change between view and trackball rotation. So it is not working when using keymaps.