Continous Grab/Scale not working in 2.58a?

I was hoping for some help with this. 2.5 added a great feature that if you were scaling or grabbing an object and you got to the edge of the view port your mouse jumped to the start other side of the screen and aloud you to continue scaling/moving the object without having to stop and restart. But in my 64 bit Windows 2.58a it’s not working any more.

Is this a bug? is anyone else having this problem? or is it a setting/add-on I need to enable?

Any and all help is appreciated.

This is disabled as default in blender 2.58 because of bugs when using it. If you want to enable it go to the File / User Preferences.

Thank you. I see it there right at the top of the Input tab, I feel blind. Good to know about the bugs.