Continual corrupted files

I’ve had a problem with Blender files getting corrupted over the last few years. I have no idea what is causing the issue. Typically you have a file open. You work on it and save regularly. At some point blender crashes or you close the file. The file won’t reopen, blender crashes instantly.
You think okay no problem I have version history on dropbox.
You open the previous save, that crashes too, you then open all the saves you did that day, none of them work.
This has happened with all version of blender since 2.8
It happens on my PC and on my Mac
I have no clue how to fix it or what is causing the issue.
It is now starting to destroy projects, I am loosing hours and hours of work

Does only blender crashes from time to time? If not, maybe a RAM defect? But you said the crashes also appear on PC and MAC or just does the reopend file doesn’t work anymore on both… then RAM defect.
You may just run RAM test program.

this is a specific crash when you try to open the files, they just become un openable I have never found a way to recover the files,

Well i thought…

Okay… if the file is just stored and you can’t reopen it maybe Harddisk-fault…

this happens on both my Mac and and various pc’s and when other people have tried the files

You have to more precise:

  • You save a file on one computer and on reopening it, it crashes even on other computers?
  • Your work on different computers can’t be reopened anymore.

First, RAM harddisk ssd … Second: how do you share your files: NAS, cloud…

There seems something breaking you files… maybe a hardware defect in the file sharing system…

I save my work on my Mac. It also syncs to dropbox and I share the files from dropbox. When I close the file and try to reopen it wont open any more. It won’t open on any computer.

Mac hard drive is APPLE HDD ST3000DM001, ram is 40 GB 2667 MHz DDR4

So the defect comes from the mac… it may be a hardware defect (or a virus)… just check the RAM and DISK health.

I’m not sure it only comes from the Mac, but if so how would I check those things, what am I looking for?
Also note I have no issues with other software at this point.

Have you tried opening the blend1 files - if so, do they behave the same?

A couple of years ago, I had a similar issue where Blend files would become corrupt, and I ignored it for a bit. Turned out my hard drive was failing. I’m not sure how to do it on a mac, but I’d assume there is a built in tool somewhere that lets you run a diagnostic test on the drive.

yes I have tried and blend1’s don’t work as well.

I’ll try and check the hard drive

IDK what other SW you also use but blender can use a lot of RAM and if the others don’t use so much they just don’t adress the failing part of 40GB… (for example)

hard drive test came back fine, will try RAM next

RAM test came back fine

Hi pokestuff,

I did run into this problems sometimes too with very old .blend files. The best way for me is to create a new fresh scene in that new blender version and figure out where it is coming from. The way I solved it mostly all the time is to append all the things (collections, objects etc.) to a point where it crashes. Mostly you see it fast when you know changes in modifiers or nodes or addons or whatever. Sometimes it is because of old rigs or drivers and sometimes because maybe a modifier or node has changed. Sometimes it is because of build in addons that have been updated. Try to update everything by hand for example delete old modifiers and setup new ones. I know that is somehow of annoying.
But blender foundation mostly mention problems with older versions of blender every time they release a new version that can cause problems with older versions. Blender is not that very very backward compatible like it “should”. But much much better than other software. “update” the things in your appended scene and clean up the file by deleting orphan data and things. Or sometimes re-linking textures helps. Sometimes I use a Blender Version between the very old and newest blender to get it working. Hope it helps to recover your old scene. Have a good time! cheers…

I have tried this technique a few times to and it happens with fresh files and models as well.
To clarify I can sometimes append some items in from the corrupt file, but the item that causes the crash is sometimes a new item not an older one.
But I will try again.
But In reality that solution would not be economical. With large projects there will be thousands of assets to recreate.
To be honest not having good back compatibility is a real big problem, often we have projects that run over several years and need to be able to reuse older files.

I have noticed that some of the files that eventually get corrupted has issues where making a group visible after being hidden also crashes the file, the only solution being to delete the entire group.
I believe the two issues are linked somehow

Also strange is the fact that the file works, renders and saves quite happily for days, but only crashes when you try to open it again. All the saves for 1-2 days fail, yet the file was working when it was able to open.