Continual corrupted files

All I can tell you with this maybe groups problem is to create a fresh file and do not import groups or the “old layers”. Try to organize the objects in the old blender version maybe by parenting them to an empty. And append this empties in the new blender version. That should bring all the objects to the new file… Than you can “regroup” them quite easy. hopefully solve the problem. If not I can not help. But if you like you can send me the old file to have a try… What version of Blender do you use and what is the old version the file was created?

thank for the ideas. You can’t change the old file to adjust the groups because you cant open them. Also this issue happens with all version of blender since 2.8 its not any specific version that is causing an issue.

but hey … than open the file in that old blender version you created the file and try that empty parenting… or send me the file and the date it was created. Thats all I can do :wink:

once the file doesn’t open it doesn’t open for any version of blender, there is no “old” file or “old” version of blender that will open it

I do understand this. But how to solve it without having the file? The first one to solve this would be to give the file to someone or send it to the developers…

yep I can do that,

how can I send files?

The best way for you would be to share a link to one of the Drop-Box files…

Hi Pokestuff, if it only happens with Blender versions newer then 2.82 than you might have this issue:

Some people got rid of the problem with a clean install of Mac OS Big Sur.
I actually don’t have this problem anymore with Blender 3.1 alpha on Catalina.
(Still a few crashes, but no corrupt files. And crashes have to be expected with an alpha version.)
On Mojave I still have the corruption issue!

hmm interesting I’ll take a look at that thread