Continue baking physics?

There is a rebake from current frame option… but it gets rid of the simulation frames already in the cache. Can I somehow add frames to the softbody simulation cache from where I left off, for instance if it turned out to be too few frames and I want a few more?

Bump. Anybody?

If I understood correctly ,you can “simulate” that.In blendercache_NameOfBlend directory
*make new Dir (blendercacheNew_NameOfBlend )
*copy all .bphys to the current frame(where you want to add more frames).
*add your NNNNNNNN_000NNN_00.bphys,
(something like 43756265_000005_00.bphys…43756265_000015_00.bphys)
*rename and copy to blendercacheNew_NameOfBlend all framas after current according with numeration
(something like 43756265_0000016_00.bphys…43756265_000265_00.bphys)
*Bake again to max number .bphys(? ! ? 265) to point to blender how much .bphys is
looking for.
*Delete(not Free Bake) all .bphys inblendercache_NameOfBlend.
*copy all
.bphys from blendercacheNew_NameOfBlend to blendercache_NameOfBlend
Alt+A …
I think that’s all!
All the best!