Continued support for 2.79 post official 2.80 launch?

Sorry if this isn’t the right sub-forum. It seems to be the closest there is to a general Blender discussion.

Would anyone know if 2.79 will continue to receive patches/bug fixes (but no new features) once 2.80 is officially released?

I plan to use both versions side-by-side for the foreseeable future while slowly migrating to 2.80. The thing is I have some custom-made add-ons that I wrote myself that I just don’t have the time to port over to 2.80 at the moment. These aren’t QoL add-ons, but essential components to my workflow, namely custom import-export file formats for meshes and animations. I really like 2.80, but it’ll take me probably about a year to make a complete transition to it exclusively.

2.79 is completed and will get no updates in the future… i am not sure what special formats you use for meshes and animations but i guess you can find an alternative…

I can’t use a different format because they are specifically tailored for a particular engine of a dev studio for which I’m doing some freelancing work. The original scripts are actually in 3ds Max, which I ended up converting to Blender.

It’s not really too big of a deal. The current 2.79b is quite stable. Just curious about ongoing support is all. The long-term plan is to eventually use 2.80+ exclusively. Just hard to find the time to port my scripts over to it.

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Only if someone decides to do it, all official support goes into 2.80+