Continuing the sudden trend of political figureheads...

Well, I have a picture of a bit of blending that I did recently. I want you to guess who it is. I did not intend to steal this idea, I had this idea a couple of weeks ago, but I turn up and find that guy with the Bill Clinton head got there first. Anywho, here’s the picture…

Who is it? And what can I do to make it a lot better? Yes, I know the hair sucks. :frowning:



the skin looks very stretched on the forehead…maybe thats the actual texture but I think if you fix that it will look better. Maybe model the wrinkles of bush’s head instead of using the texture to make them?

That’s a pretty good skin texture, but I think you know where you could improve on the model.

You captured that smug yet vacant look of his pretty well. :wink:

Heeheehee! It’s the Shrub!
Very recognizable, good job!
GWB also has very odd eyebrows, maybe you could refine those.

Needs more squint! :stuck_out_tongue:

other than that, nothing that hasn’t been said already

great work!

no no no! This is way too pretty to be bush.

You need to ugly it up some :smiley:

hey bush, looking awesome dude :smiley: texture is strecthed like said ^^^

and yea the hair is bad but can be fixed :smiley: ^^ --

Thanks, people. I’ll try to do what’s been suggested. Not sure how to tackle the texture-stretching though.

Y’know… I’ve shown it to my friends as well, and they all say it looks so much like him. Maybe I’ve been staring at him for too long, but I just don’t see it myself…

Good job! You know, it kinda looks like Robin Williams, if you took off the hair or made it brown(or whatever his hair color is).


the neck is too wide. and he needs @$$h0!e on his head :Z :stuck_out_tongue: %|

hey very nice! you got his buzzard nose and chimp lips just right!

Hi all,

can we cool it with the disparaging marks regarding President Bush?

I’m not fond of him as the US President, but rude and disrespectful remarks aren’t really appropriate for this kind of forum.



GWB also has very odd eyebrows, maybe you could refine those.

Yes! Look at what people do when playing bush (on tv), they squint and furrow their brows and make a kinda sad look.

I beg to differ… nothing like a blender forum for a good ol’ political debate…

if you are looking for accurate references on Bush, check out this link…

Here’s a good facial expression reference:

I agree, a little political commentary doesn’t bother me. I do not care. :wink: