Continuing with the legs

I’m working on a low-poly chibi character and this is the current progress:

Question is, how can I make the legs from this point on?

This is the quick reference picture I made:

Other suggestions on how this could be improved would be highly appreciated!

Still need help

Still need help!

Put your drawing in the Blender background and use it as a reference to model from. You will have to trim down your drawing in Gimp.

Also your front and side drawings have to be the same size, now you can split your Blender 3D window into 2. This way you can use the same drawing to model the front and side view. And now extrude down.

And don’t forget to put a crotch line in your side drawing or you won’t know when to start the leg ( see the Joan of Arch Tutorial reference pictures at to see what I mean).

Thanks! but what is gimp?

Gnu Image Manipulation Program. The Gimp is the open source equivalent to Photoshop. It’s a 2D image creation and manipulation program, like Paint on steroids, with layers.

That’s right, you can download Gimp from the site. Gimp for Windows>Automated Installer>Stable Version. Then download the GTK library first then Gimp and install in that order.:slight_smile: