Continuity across scenes

Hi Guys,

Two somewhat related questions

  1. When a character is moving a lot around the scene, should we animate the armature to move around the character in object mode or animate the root bone in pose mode to move character around ?

I have seen somewhat different version of this question in context of converting an in-place walk cycle to progressive walk cycle.

  1. I have broken a storyline into multiple scenes which are in continuity. How do we ensure continuity of character animation across scenes ?

Exact pose is not that important as camera angle switches in between, but the placement of character is. I was thinking of adding empty as marker and importing it in other scene as reference.
However this is what got me into question 1.
If I am animating root bone in pose mode to move character around, what do I mark with empty as reference?

I am aware of doing entire sequence in single scene with multiple cameras which switch by binding to markers in timeline. I can’t use that way here due to interleaving of totally different scene also.