Continuous Motion

Hello, I hope someone can help me…
I am creating an animation to put on my website banner in WebStudio. The animation will be a globe with words going around it. But it seems that everytime I try to render the animation, it doesn’t go smoothly around and stops…I would like continuous motion.
Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated!
Thanks bunches,

Assuming you’re just keyframing the rotation of a sphere, figure out what frame you want it to start on and what frame you want it to end on. Do your keyframing, then go into the ipo window and ctrl+click existing ipo verts. this will make rid you of the gradual beginning and ending.

It’s actually the words that are doing the movement. I did the keyframing yet when I try to control-click, it says no active IPO curve. Hmmmm…It must be something really easy, but I’m a newbie, so bear with me!

I’ll assume the words are a single object…

So, select that object. Go into the IPO window. You should see the IPO curves.

Press Akey until they’re all selected.
Then, in the “Curve” dropdown (or up!) menu, go to “Extend Mode”. Select “Cyclic”.

Now your Alt-A animation should run smoothly.

make sure ur running in linier motion not bezier. bezier = slow in slow out linier means same speed all the way through

to change the interpolation (between bezier/linear/constant) use the ‘T’ key (or the menu, but blender is all about hot-keys ;))