Contour lines

Hi I?d like to render a displaced surface showing the contour lines p

arallel to one axis only as in the attached picture. Ho to do that?


Hey :slight_smile:

Here’s a simple setup for that kind of effect:

I marked the essential nodes for “contour lines parallel to one axis” in blue.
The other nodes are optional and I added them trying to get a little closer to the image you posted. (e.g. I couldn’t quite get the same pronounced brightening on the edges of the hills with just the lines so I added the layer weight to help with that a bit.)

Make sure you set the Blend Mode to Alpha Clip or Alpha Hashed in the material’s settings, when using Eevee.

Depending on what you wanna use this for you might also consider using other texture coordinates.

Here’s also the .blend file, if you wanna take a look:
contour-lines.blend (948.2 KB)


Hi many thanks for this, I’ll carefully go through the nodes. In the meanwhile I have generated a texture with alpha channel in a texture generator software, which is not as versatile as the procedural texture thath you have written. TNX AGAIN

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