contour script

does anyone have a script or any idea about how I can get this kind of tool

Im happy to have it work in only 2 axis


This is inset/offset like in Wings3D. See this thread for reference to a Python script.

Thanks but I barely understand phython let alone what would have to be done to convert this to the latest blender version

I cant believe that its not a really big issue for everyone…

A lot of us have wanted it - but nobody with the skills has tackled it, other things taking priority I guess. It would sure make life easier though.

Maybe a python-knowledgable person will look at link above and update for 2.4 sometime??? I’ve no idea where to even start either.

Would this work (as an algorithm):
Create a list of vertices, with a “where to move” vector for each one
Take each edge selected.
For each vertex on the edge, add the vector from the other vertex (i.e. the distance between them, in each axis).

Now, when this is done you should be able to offset each vertex by a proportional amount. I think.

Not sure if that would work, but shouldn’t be hard to make. I might have a crack later, depends if I have time. Might have to wait until next week (moving house in a few days!)


No it won’t work. But, averaging the normal from the selected edges for each vertex should. Then move all vertices by the same distance.

I use Alt+S in Edit mode to scale along normals it seems to be close to an offset. You need to get the faces going the right direction to get the correct offset.