Contraining a particle system

(GTBlackwell) #1

I’m working on (of couse) a space ship for a story I’m writing, and I’ve set it up so that the engine emits these blue halos. I want them to fill the area indicated in the image below, but I don’t want them to leave that area except in that small area at the rear (see pic):

Anyone have any ideas on how I can do this?

(adyus) #2

i’m not an expert on particles, but maybe you have to use multiple particle emmiters strategically placed along that confined space

(S68) #3

To keep particles at a given distance from emitter, play on particle life

To keep them leaving in a certain direction play on surface normals and on the ‘Norm’ Slider of particle emitter

This would be enougth

YOu can also try a lattice to deform their path, but this is very tricky


(theeth) #4

when you constraint particles in a lattice, be sure to used a matrice with an higher resolution than needed, and that the emitter is entirely inside the lattice.