Contraling Camera View

Is there a better way to contral camera view besides in the transform properties.

You can assign the camera to “track” an object, which will always keep it centered.

I like using the transform widgets. I use the shift key to turn on both the Roll and Translate widgets. But most importantly, I also change the coord system from Global to Local. Under Local, the blue translate arrow will make the camera zoom in and out.

I like the idea of tracking the camera to an empty object. I think adjustments are finer and more intuitive.

Tracking is good … then use IPOs to control things like f-stop.

When setting up shots like this, use the lowest-resolution test render settings you can get away with, until you’re really satisfied with the fine-tuned scene. You’ll do a lot of run-throughs to get it right.

How do I apply Tracking?

When I want to do a quick repo(sition) of the camera I just fly it. Shift F scroll wheel to dolly in/out. This saves changing the elevation views to show the camera and you get instant feedback in the camera view! Can get away from you though if you don’t concentrate (and space bar to stop)


Tracking is actually a constraint. Select the camera, then select the object that you want the camera to track. Ctrl-t…“Track to Constraint”.

Deselect everything, then select the camera and press F7. You will see a “Constraints” panel that has all the options for the constraint between the camera and the object.

Best of Luck!

how do I remover tracker after its applied?

Delete the constraint from the constraint panel - small x on the right side of the panel.

Check these out: