Contrary of proximity sensor trigger

In my game I have some IPO animations that get triggered when the player if close to some spots. The IPO anim reveal some info on a dashboard.
How can I make that infor disapear (with an IPO anim, too) when the player is no longer close to the spot.
The way I have it set up is like this: the info plane has a sensor of proximity of and obj with specific property. When so, it animates in. This property I just added on the right spots.

It’s a little difficult to understand the situation exactly without seeing it, but maybe you could have a negotive sensor which runs the animation in reverse.


Here´s the link. Drive foward with arrow keys and watch a pic slide over the grey area below. This is what must exit later.

From the look of what’s happening you’re using a near sensor to activate your ipo, so it looks like you could have another near sensor inverted and just run your ipo in reverse.

Nice project BTW!


Hi arangel, On thinking about it some more, it may be better to just set your ipo to ‘flipper’ then when you move away it would return to the start.


Thanks! I saw youe site and your games rock, too!
I couldn´t make your idea work. How do I set this inverted near sensor? Tried pushing the Inv button, but didn´t work.

THAT WAS IT! I had tried Ping Pong, but not flipper! Thanks a lot ! :smiley:

Sorry arangel, sometimes the simplest solution doesn’t always spring to mind at first. Thanks for the comments about the Games!