contrast/bright node makes everything withe,not only whats in the layer.

i got a bilboard in a layer , i want to make it brighter and with more contrast.

So i have the billboard in a a separate render layer with “ski” turned off , so that the red color i have set as world background color does not show in the render layer.

in the render preview u can see the bilboard only ,nothing else , not even the redish color from the world background , so , i want to add a contrast/bright node , but when i use it and add for example 50 % brightness , the whole frame goes withe ¿? , the bilboard is the only one i want to go brighter , but somehow even the transparent background goes withe.

I think the leds on the billboard are not the problem , they have the hard parameter to the maximum and they dont have any glow, or blurryness that surrounds them and when i use the brightness gets affected.

Any ideas?

Hi giorgio,

I would Add, Mix or Over your LED layer onto itself a second time to increase brightness.

Over should do it, with an RGB curves to brighten it up if you like. Experiment and you’ll begin to figure things out.

I’d also like to point out The Good Book of Wright, a.k.a. The Compositor’s Bible, also known as Digital Compositing For Film And Video.

Yes you are right man ! There are beter ways to pump it up than contrast and bright. Thanx i’ll do it that way , and thanx for the book :stuck_out_tongue:

But anyway , way does it makes all the frame wither , and not just the billboard ?