Contrast or shadow between flat shiny surfaces

I have several flat and shiny surface on top of each other in Blender and I am having trouble getting definition between them. The edges seem to disappear and “blend” together. I am very new to Blender and I tried finding a solution to this online without luck. The material here is polished brass and there is a HDRI. I have tried changing and moving different lights around, but this issue does not seem to go away. I wonder if this is a material property or a render setting that needs changing?

I tried using the shadow catcher, but it seemed very strong on this shiny surface and creates more problems that solutions. I am using Cycles as a render engine, though this same issue happens on Eevee too.

Here is a picture where the parts look like one, while actually being on different levels.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

I’m not sure what are we seeing here… Maybe a simple front view not this black things on the left half image, a bit bigger, just 3 to 4 special objects to see what you mean by edge blend together more clearly? Because this is just gold on gold background :man_shrugging: and maybe the edges just dispear becaus ethe object are just flat (no thickness)?

Here are a pic in solid view - hope this helps a little, I cannot post the entire system unfortunately :frowning: The gear objects are about 1mm thick each and they sit on top of each other. So if it was a photo I would expect to see some definition between these layers.


Oh yes now i can SEEE it :wink: … bevels everyhing has bevels, ther are no sharp edges in real life… try a bevel modifier.
Edit: left without/ right with bevel:

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Yess, that helps! Thank you very much!