Contribution Requested (basic character animation)

Hi all.

I’m currently working on a project for my M.Cs degree using Ogre in conjunction with Ode and OpenAL. All our work will be released under GPL license once it’ll be advanced enough.

The project is a kind of game intended to help pupils learn a foreign language. As a side effect, we hope to make a good promotion for free (as in freedom) technologies.

As the deadline for our first “demo” is in a quite short time, we need some help to animate our main character. We don’t have enough experience with blender to create a “walk” animation for the character, and really don’t have enough time to learn it now, despite all the great tutorials.

We found a character here that we seem to be authorized to reuse but we still need a basic “walk” animation.

Can anyone here be kind enough to contribute. I guess it’s not too hard to do for an advanced user. Of course your name will be added to the project and we’ll be very grateful to you for the rest of our lives :slight_smile:


Please use Blender 2.36 for your contribution as Blender 2.37 has an instable armature python API and 2.40, resp. CVS HEAD, is not yet supported by the exporter.

Wow, this seems really cool! if I help do I get a degree too? If so, what does the Cs stand for in MCs (Computer Science?) and from what University?

Well, I’m not american so I just guessed that my degree would be an equivalent for a master in computer sciences. My university is a french university of technology called UTC.

I didn’t want to be pedantic or something, I just wanted to give enough background to justify my request. If you’re interested, feel free to contribute! Even a crappy animation will do better than an inanimate character sliding on the floor like we have for the moment.

By the way, thanks Reimpell for the precision. I knew that ogre’s blender exporter had some restrictions but I wondered which version of Blender was required.