contribution to Molecular Biology 1


just something that was made last night while I was studying very hard …

this is the Polysome … which are several Ribosomes on one mRNA


BTW:the original picture is taken from :“MOlecular biology of the cell” by B.Alberts ,


Good work, nice idea.

You may want to make the blendered bit a little bit duller.

Other than that, no crits.


Great , thanks for the Crit …

do you know by chance how I set up the Resolution ?

I work with other Programs 3D , and there is a DPI button . does Blender have something like that ?


In the render buttons, change the X and Y values. Also, make sure the “100%” button is pressed in. This will make sure that the values you put into X and Y are the size it will be rendered at.

I can whip up a screeny if you want.


Yeah Alberts MBoC!

I gots my copy sitting right here.

As for DPI, you can just do the math yourself.

A 4x6 print at 600 dpi = 2400px x 3600 px


I never thought it would be so much easy and lots of fun too …

as MBoC , its an extraordinary book…

All the best ,