Control a CURVE with armatures?

(RipSting) #1

I’m making an animated logo. The logo is a 2D indian-style fish made of curves and I’m trying to give it some animation. Is there a way to control my curve object with armatures? I can try to convert it to a mesh, but the polygons it generates are long and thin- streching from the fish’s head to its tail… making it impossible to move the way I want it to.

(theeth) #2

Short answer would be NO. You could try with a lattice, though I doubt that gives you the control you want.


(RipSting) #3

If it exists I haven’t heard of it… but is it possible to do reverse vertex-parenting? That way I could actually have the verts of the fish be controlled by empties that are attached to a skeleton. Probably not available though.

A lattice definitly doesn’t give me any kind of control over the fins or the finer details of my model.

(theeth) #4

no, there’s no reverse vertex parenting else than armatures. Unless you split the fish in multiple objects, but that sortof kill the purpose of bones.