Control angle of Multiple Knife cuts?

the image shows what I would like to do to the shape at the top.

I can get the green cuts easily. But the knife tool wants to angle the cuts according to the shape being cut. Most of the time, that’s great.

But, can you control the angle of the resulting cuts? I see in blender where it says MMB constrain to x/y screen axis, but I don’t seem to be doing it right…doesn’t get me where I need to be.

Any advice would be appreciated.

thank you!


If that is the end result, I would take another approach. Start with a rectangle. Use ctrl R along with middle mouse wheel to add the amount of cuts you want in each direction. Then use the Knife Exact tool to cut the angles on the ends. Use ctrl LMB to snap the start and end points to the verts you want. Then delete the faces you don’t want on the ends to make the shape.

that is a very clever solution… I’m a bit constrained because I have the shape of the structure I’m trying to do this to…it’s something like the picture below, but with more severe angles (for drama) as you could see in my original image.

If the shape that I have now is a given, am I stuck with the slanted cuts, or is there a way to get the vertical cuts to be perpendicular?



I’m not sure how to do it with ctrl R. To get it to work by hand with K - Knife (exact) the sequence is LMB click drag then MMB Wheel click to conform to the XYZ. Make sure and let go, then the line will snap to the axis. after that you can adjust the length or you can do that as a part of the first LMB drag.

Yes, it does work…I see it now; had to fiddle with it a bit to get the knack of it.

But tho it works, it doesn’t help my problem. Your solution looks promising, even thought it might be a lot of work.

I’ve already poured huge amounts of time and energy in to this shape and I am not one micron further than when I started!

from some aspects, it is a difficult shape.


I’m a little puzzled: what part are you trying to cut up the way you indicate in the first post, and why? The basic structure seems fairly straightforward:

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Try my Slicing tool script… It performs 1-D, 2-D or 3-D multiple cuts (slicing) at any custom angle :wink:

You can get it from here.