control animation via sliders ?

Hi everyone, I have seen 3D softwares (animation,modelling etc…) which allowed to animate characters thanks to a set of sliders; to animate the fingers etc…, it’s really cool, and I wondered if it could be done in Blender, if yes, how? please.

Here’s a picture to make sure everyone understands what I mean.

Thanks :slight_smile:

PS: don’t get fooled by the name Blender at the end of the adress, it doesn’t have anything to do with OUR Blender. :slight_smile:

You can do this in Blender by Action Constrains and/or Driven Ipos.

Is there a tutorial about the subject ?

Thanks env. :slight_smile:

Edit: I found one

Have you downloaded the Ludwig and ManCandy rigs ?

Both of them have great setups for the fingers. They don’t use sliders, but both have very clever and easy to use methods of animating the fingers / making a fist etc.

Ludwig has a seperate armature-controls for the facial features, which work like “sliders”.

Both of them use armature bones as controls, with Blender 2.42 (CVS) you can assign any object to display for the bone.

You can find links to both of them in my signature “best of blender” post, along with some of the other char rigs I’ve found here.


Cool, I didn’t know about ManCandy rig.

There is also the Emo and Proog rigs downloadble from the project Orange website

… but not right now apparently … looks like bandwidth / server overload :smiley:


Thanks for all these great infos Mstram.:slight_smile: