Control armature location w empty following pelvis bone

I’m trying to control the location of a moving armature animation, with an empty that is following the pelvis bone of the amature itself.
I can parent the empty to the bone which is fine, but then I can’t parent the armature to the empty, as it’s a parent loop. How would you do that?

I’d like to have the pelvis bone at a static location, so that the animation will play in place.

(still new to blender so pardon me, and thank you)

It’s not clear what you are trying to do. Are you trying to “relocate” an existing animation ?

Sorry Hadriscus, yes - I’m trying to relocate an existing animation.

I have a falling animation and I’d like the center of the armature to be at a steady location, so that the character will just float in the same location.

Why not simply stabilize the pelvis ? (by deleting location keyframes)

In Pose mode > Dope Sheet - deleting the pelvis keyframes:
The armature still moves exactly the same. :cold_sweat:

I also tried copying the keframes of the pelvis to an empty, but it tells me “No selected F curves to paste into”

Then that’s not the pelvis that’s at the top of the armature hierarchy. Open an outliner and identify the root bone, the one that’s causing the entire character to fall. Delete its location keyframes. You should be good

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Are there animation curves on the empty ?

You’re right. Base Hip was the root. Now I’m all good. Thank you so much Hadriscus :pray:

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