Control Bevel (Edges) Percentage by dragging mouse

First of all I’d like say, I’m very new to blender and just played around a bit with the modeling tools in 2.63. One thing that I find a bit inconsistend is that there are tools like the ones in the “mesh tools” bar that control the percentage/value of the operation my draging the mouse left/right and there are other tools where you have to set the value “by hand”. I’m really missing that with some of the tools like BEVEL that I’m used to from my previous experience in 3D Max.
Are some of the tools just not completely finished yet?
Is there an easy way to change this somehow, maybe via the hotkey options ?
Do I have to create a script for that ?

There is no anything like this in one place (or i haven’t found it yet). To do the same that 3DS bevel did you need to extrude first, then scale. If You don’t want to use “by hand” method (I have left 3DS for Blender after 8 years of using it, so I know that pain :P) you can type number while you are doing transformation (e.g. hit “E”, then in example “z” to lock transformation to “z” axis, then hit some number) or You can do this in “T” panel. Select the face that You want to extrude, then hit “E” then “Enter”. Then in the “T” panel (hit “T” to open it) You’ll find the panel to modify the last action. In this example, extruding, with the X, Y and Z to insert parameters. Then do the same with scale (“S” key), and You have bevel from 3DS.