Control bone is floating away

So I’ve been following a tutorial where the teacher is making an IK chain on the leg/foot area. It seems that I cannot get the control bone to stay in line with the target bone… I bet I’m just doing something silly to mess it up lol. Any Ideas as to what went wrong? Here’s a picture!

Thank you all again!

Can the leg reach the IK target? If not, no, they won’t be in the same place.

If you want, you can give the IK target a limit distance constraint (targeting a bone at the same location as the first bone of the IK chain) to keep it from getting far enough from the body that this happens, but it’s probably not worth doing.

If that’s not the problem, I’d have to see a file to tell you more.

So to my (sometimes rather limited) understanding, I can try to fix the problem by using that constraint, but it may not be such a problem to just leave it the way it is? That would make things a lot more simple. I will try playing around with that limit distance constraint and then I will get back to you here. Thank you again bandages! You are always such a big help!

Yeah that worked! Easy fix. There’s nothing out there that you can’t solve!