Control Configuration Options menu and pause menu

i’m developing a game and i would like an option menu with key press configuration i’m not really confident on how to do that. also in that option menu i would like to include a tick-box of full-screen and maybe even graphics level slider. i have no idea on how a pause menu work. (as you can tell i’m newish to blender)

Look for:

  • overlay scene
  • suspend/resume scenes
  • BGU or Menu

i didn’t think (didn’t know much about them (but now i do))of an overlaying scene what is

BGU or menu
from simple google i could find anything

He means bgui. It is a type of menu, written in python.

Sorry, I missed a character. It should be BGUI

i understand now the last game i made the menus where realy bad that why i wanted to make these menus to be realy functional and look good