Control/Constrain Gravity (blow up a brick wall)

Hello BlenderArtists,

i need you help!

What I try to achieve:

having a brick wall where the bricks start to fall down from left to right, so basically what I’m looking for is a way to constrain the gravity to some kind of an effector.
When I move the effector/cube/plane from left to right along the wall only where the effector passes the gravity is supposed to work/ do it’s thing.

Any ideas? currently I’m playing around with force fields, what kind of works (not very good though) but still, the whole wall starts slowly falling down as soon as I start the animation.

many thanks,

any ideas?

I tried the following solution:

added a plane, layed the wall of bricks ontop and slowly pulled the plane from left to right. Worked so far but now the bricks further away jiggle around when the plane moves. I already removed any friction (or at least so I think).

Why is it so hard to have completely solid objects (“rigid body”) instead of softbody/cloth? can’t use the game engine unfortunately, b/c I need to render, animate the rest of the scene in a complex way.