Control fluid simulation - inflow animation


I am looking to make a precisely animated fluid simulation with timed drops at certain irregular intervals. Example, if “-” means 0.25 seconds:

|| - - drop - - - - drop - - drop - - - - - - - - drop || etc.

As you can see in the image the fluid simulation ignores the unchecked “enable” checkboxes in both inflow objects. Moreover, the right inflow object stops flowing halfway into the simulation for no apparent reason. The whole thing is just a chaotic mess.

Is there a way to control inflow in such a precise manner, with curves or any other method? Do plugins like mantaflow or FLIP (or what it’s called) offer greater functionality in this respect?

Thanks in advance.

P. S. - does anyone else thing pasteall should incorporate the intuitive drag&drop model? I guess that would need javascript and current page is mostly html, but it would simplify use. :slight_smile:

Your inflow button is neither green nor yellow, are you keyframing its state? You need to set the keyframes then re-bake your fluid sim. See this example: