Control Mask Size, Position, etc. Graphically in the Video Clip Editor

Hi all, I am trying to figure a node setup that will effectively duplicate After Effects cloning. Specifically, I have a scene with tracking markers that need to be removed for the final render. I would like to place a circular mask of appropriate size and feather nearby a tracker and parent it to the tracker. This would constitute the source in an AE clone. Next I would move the mask to be on top of the tracker. This would constitute the destination in an AE clone. The opposite of this would be even better where the mask is placed over the tracking marker (thus specifying the clone destination) and then dragged to the source point all the while displaying the real-time substitution of the image texture. In the editor, I need a node setup that will open the mask, duplicate it, make it independent as far as position is concerned, and link its position to the 2D cursor.

Any ideas? Thanks. Dale

Does this help? There are some issues with anamorphic material you can ignore.

Thanks David, great tutorial. I am familiar with this technique and am using it as a starting point for my version. The specific problem is there could be many tracking markers such that offsetting the background image as shown might work well for some, but a different offset might be needed for others. This can be done as well by duplicating the node setup and using different parameters. My hope is to “automate” the process such that the “simple dragging” of the mask will, behind the scene, generate a unique offset for each marker to be hidden. In other words, a node combination that does all the work allowing the artist to totally customize each removal with source location, mask size, and mask feather.

Sure just create a node group and expose translate as well as feather, then plug in the preferred mask.