Control of segments on hair particles when converting from curves?

I recently did some grooming in the new hair curves system thinking that I could just convert it over to particles when it came time to simulate. However, I’ve ran into a bit of an issue. I’m trying to get really stiff hair by lowering the segments. But when the conversion happens it seems to decide the number of segments all on its own. Even if the curves are a straight line with only two points. When converting to particles there seems to be a much higher default.

Is there any way around this? Any way to change the segments after the conversion? Change the settings of the conversion itself? I’ve tried just playing with the actual stiffness in the dynamics settings, but they don’t quite give the desired results and tend to make the simulation unstable and prone to exploding at higher values.

Any help would be much appreciated!!

(here’s the hair, trying to retain the shape as much as possible while still giving it some simulation)

The amount of segments is preserved during conversion.
That are display steps that are different.
You just need to increase number of Strand Steps in Viewport Display panel of Particles tab.

About dynamics, best way to increase stiffness of hair particles is to attribute a weight to segments in Particle Edit mode, using weight brush.
Then, you just have to increase Pin Goal Strength setting in Hair Dynamics panel.

I will not detail hair dynamics settings. That is complicated to obtain stable simulation.
That depends of amount of particles, their length, how close they are, their mass, damping, amount of quality steps, amount of cache steps.
That is often complicated to find correct trade-off between all those settings.

Figured out where the issue was. I was reducing the segments within the geometry node network and just assumed that those changes would carry over through the conversion.
That wasnt the case. I had to apply the geo node modifier before the conversion and then the reduced segment count was properly preserved.

Problem solved!

I know display/render steps are different than the segments used for simulation. That wasn’t the issue I was having. I’ll definitely try out that tip about the pin goal though.
Thanks for taking the time to respond.