Control particle color by texture

Hi there,

I want to control the color of some particle feathers by a texture. For example, if I have a checkerboard texture, I want some feathers to be white and I want some to be black. I have found a pretty neat tutorial (, but I now have the problem that the texture coordinates seem distorted/flipped/rotated/scaled, which is bad because my texture is not exactly simple. I tried aligning the texture with mapping, but this takes forever, and I’m not sure whether it would actually work correctly.

Now, we all know that hair does this automatically. Since my particle system is a hair system anyway: Is there a way to get the hair color and then pass it on to the instanced objects in cycles?

I haven’t supplied a .blend file because it’s too big, but it’s not relevant anyway, as I’m looking for a different approach. :slight_smile:

I found a solution, I just had to check “from dupli” in the “texture coordinate” node in the material settings, and use the correct emitter object. However, this only works for dupli objects, not the “particle instance” modifier. Is there a way to achieve this result with the modifier? I thought that the “UV project” modifier after the “particle instance” modifier might work, and while the feathers are colored differently, the coordinates don’t seem to be correct.