Control SSS with texture

Hi all !

It’s my first post and i’m new with blender ( but with 8years professional expérience in XSI ). So thanks in advance for your help.
I want to know if is possible to control SSS with a stencil texture.
My goal is to have differents reaction to the light in different geometry zone like:

  • Tattoo on the skin
  • Veins in the ears or others place
  • Or any similar effects on others things than skin

I think is possible in Nodes editor by taking two different material and mix it with
a texture ( stencil ) they drive where material appear. But the problems is : I don’t see any SSS features in NODES editors. Somebody thinking to a way to do that with material ? :slight_smile:

Sorry for my poor english , i hope my description is clear enough :o

Welcome !

Create a Material with sss. Duplicate it and make it single, uncheck the sss. Create an other Material, it will be the main Material, activate the nodes and then… in the Material Nodes Editor you will set two textures nodes with the first two materials, then mix them.

Hope it helps !

Ok , i understand a bit more the concept of Node Editor in blender now. Thanks a lot !